Boho Inspired Dining Nook for Under $1,500

Boho Inspired Dining Nook for Under $1,500

February 01, 2017

Hey guys! Well it's official... Beachy Boheme is now offering home decor services and thought we'd share our progress on our very first client's dining room. 

This particular client found us through our Facebook page and reached out in December for a consultation as her family was planning on moving and wanted a fresh start in her new home. Kudos to social media for hooking us up! And kudos to her for knowing she wanted to start the new year on a clean slate! She ditched all her old dining room furniture and started from scratch.

I won't bore you with the tedious stuff (measuring, internet sourcing, etc.), and get right to the good stuff!

We settled on a dining nook concept to maximize the use of her space and to get the most bang for the buck. Not only is a dining nook highly functional and space saving, but it also looks super polished and luxurious (even on a tight budget). 

The biggest expense will always be the banquette... and there are so many options:

Backless storage bench style:

pottery barn bench

Upholstered style:


Un-upholstered style:


We found the right one for a steal at Home Depot

This AMAZEBALLS dining table from Target

 Target Farmhouse Dining Table

Paired with our Beachy Boheme Metal Dining chairs

All layered atop this GORGEOUS rug from Urban Outfitters 

Magical Thinking Hana Kilim Printed Rug

And some fun boho tribal accessories (click on images for links)



What do you think of this look? 

boho dining nook

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