Decor + After: From Blah to Beachy Breezy Boho

Decor + After: From Blah to Beachy Breezy Boho

January 24, 2018

Beachy Boheme exists to create spaces that foster love and happiness in others. In this case, revamping a room in a newly purchased home was the cause of that happiness!

Read on to see how we took a client's idea and transformed it into a reality in the span of just a few weeks.

The Challenge:

The client came to us to transform a room in their new house, with the purpose of entertaining friends. In order to give them the relaxed, airy vibe they were looking for, the original outdated space needed some TLC... starting with a coat of paint.

The Process:

We did a walk through with the client to get a feel for the room we’d be working with, asked the couple to give us some insight into their budget and color and style preferences, and then we got to work!

We created three unique design concepts with their preferences in mind:

Concept 1: Beachy

Concept 2: Breezy

Concept 3: Boho

Our client chose concept #2 "Breezy" and we got cranking on the procurement and installation (as in putting together an Ikea table). If you're curious to find out more about our process for converting ideas to reality, check out this link!

The Transformation:  

From designing, editing, and ordering to installing, our process took just a few weeks for this project (most of the lag time spent waiting for furniture to arrive)! And we managed to get the husband's seal of approval, too. Double win.  Click here to see more pictures of the final product

If you'd like to create a similar look, check out the links below for sources:

If you're considering a makeover for your home or apartment, we can save you some money with our designer discounts with amazing home decor vendors like these! Send us a quick email at to request more information.

Til next time!

Hanin at Beachy Boheme

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